Friday, 20 March 2020

Stop Telling Others How to Cope with Covid-19

I'm not going to tell you to use this time to 'work on yourself' or take up yoga. I'm not telling you to follow a productive to-do list either. I'm not going to tell anyone how to feel or deal with the current circumstances at all. Your feelings are valid no matter what.

But I will tell you this...

2020 might be a complete write-off. No more pubs, clubs, or even the gym for the foreseeable future. The things we rely on to feel sane, happy and well in ourselves have been ripped from beneath us. It's hard. Our routines are fucked. Nothing feels real. 

However, despite the dreary year ahead, I can already sense the wonder of that one morning to come. The sun will rise and we will feel free again. This time, full of appreciation and gratitude for everything we have to give and receive. We will have a new found love for the way we have lived in the past, even in the most mundane circumstances. The little things will matter the most.

We're all in this together, I guess? Imagine the incredible vibe that was summer of 2018. The world will come back together - after we have all experienced such shitty circumstances, together. I'm not trying to sit here and romanticise a Global pandemic, a bloody worldwide historic event. Absolutely not. Nothing at this current time feels safe to me, and for some, it's terribly upsetting and frightening.

I know some of us will need a daily routine in order to live day-to-day without breaking down. Some of us rely on the gym and going out at the weekend to numb our brains from negative thoughts. 

It is safe to ask ourselves, well, what the hell we gon' do now?

From tonight, our culture and everything we know will be on temporary shut down. I can't believe I am even typing it. The memes were lit and we did the best thing we knew how to deal in times of trouble - make each other laugh with silly, IDGAF vibed jokes. Despite all of the fear and trauma, I truly hope people never stop trying to find the light in it all. 

I hope and pray that everyone is doing as well as they can, your health and wellbeing matter the most. However you decide to spend this period of unknown, I hope you can take a moment to think of all of the things you are going to do when we have our freedom again. Binge sesh on the weekend? Fuck the diet? Kiss the face of a bunch of strangers? The countdown is on.

Please be kind and remember this: we are all entitled to our opinions and how we feel. But, please, stop shoving your political dick down other's throats. It's totally uncalled for. We are all human and now is the most important time to remember such.

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