Tuesday, 17 September 2019

It's Time We Protect Our Men.

''Man up,''

''Pull yourself together mate, grow a pair of balls.''

''Stop being a pussy''

Stop. Stop using the above terms to push your friends/family and strangers away. Did you know that men accounted for three-quarters of UK deaths by suicide in 2018? That is three-quarters too many.

Men get abused, men suffer from mental health issues, men have EMOTIONS. And it is about time that, we as a society, finally stop saying 'men do not protect us anymore', take a step back, and realise that it is about time that we protect our men. 

I don't want men to suffer in silence in fear of judgement. I want men to have the confidence to speak up about their feelings, whether it is to another man or a female, with ultimate trust and respect. It is no longer a case of being too 'strong, manly or tough', some of the most emotional men I know I consider to be the manliest in my life. Not only is it attractive to hold your own, knowing who you are inside and being able to have the strength to say ''Do you know what mate, I'm not doing so good at the moment.''

It's our job, as both men and women, to confront that sort of conversation with love and support. I'm not expecting muscle men to start stroking their best friends back of an evening. Just a simple conversation about why they are feeling that way, and what you can do in order to help them.

We have the make this movement permanent before we lose too many great men to drugs, alcohol, or the worst - suicide. I'm not telling you to forget about the struggles women have faced for years, I am asking you to recognise that the issues men face are often pushed to the side because we believe nothing can break them. There are plenty of broken men out there, some who you may believe are the 'hardest'. 

If you have a friend, family member or even a male colleague that hasn't been himself recently, perhaps he is quieter than usual or he might even be acting like a complete arse wipe... ask them if everything is okay and open that conversation. Even if they don't want to talk right away, let them know you are there if and when they need it. You will be surprised at how effective such a small simple step could change everything. 

It's no ones fault. We have always been programmed to believe that men are invincible, and that we don't need to check up on our male friends, because they would tell us if something was wrong, right? You are not a mind reader, especially when everything seems fine on the outside. There is no blame or punishment. 

Just remember to look after one another. And if any men are reading this blog, please know that I am someone you can open up to - stranger or not, if you need someone to talk to, vent to or just a chat, I will happily be that person.

Protect your men so that they can protect themselves. 

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