Monday, 5 August 2019

I Am Enough - So Are You

Why do we allow other people or situations to make us feel so tiny?

I kid you not, every time I tell someone (whether they are a close friend or even an acquaintance) I feel low or upset over something or someone the response is always and always will be...

''But you're Shannon fucking Valentine.''

I think people believe I am invincible now I have seemingly 'overcome' my health battles. I'm not 100% sure on what that phrase means entirely, but it makes my confidence shoot through the roof and I am instantly reassured. I am Shannon fucking Valentine. I've overcome just as much negativity as the next person and I use it to try and make myself a better person at least. I want to help other people do the same, more than anything. Witnessing others become their true best selves gives me more happiness than the love of a man, money, or success ever could. That is success to me, and no one can take that away from me or my legacy.

Despite my new found confidence and self-love journey I can promise you it will all crumble within minutes if I feel even an ounce of rejection. I am independent, I pay my own rent and bills, nothing I could ever want is worth it unless I can get it by myself. No one will ever tell me 'You wouldn't have this if it wasn't for me'. I spend most of my time alone and I am more than okay with that. But, as much as I have grown and my mind has become so much more powerful, I still rely on others opinions to decide my true self-worth. And that makes me sad. 

As much as it hurts like hell, going through a breakup, not having someone like you back, or even falling out with friends - If they can't see your worth now please stop wasting your time wondering if they ever will. If they wanted to, they would have seen it from the beginning. It doesn't even need to be anyone's fault. You could have everything to offer, but that doesn't mean you are entitled to everything you might initially believe you want so badly.

You can not let set backs determine how worthy you are - because you are more than worthy for anything or anyone at any time. You just have to believe it. It sounds so incredibly cringe - trust me I know! But I will never stop repeating myself until everyone I know and love can see it for themselves. Write a list about everything you love about yourself... it could be two things or it could be ten things. Whatever makes you happy or feel confident - write it down.

What I love about Shannon fucking Valentine:

- I love having big green eyes, they make me feel hella CUTE.
- I love that I want to make others feel happy.
- I love showing acts of kindness and making my loved ones feel appreciated.
- I love my long healthy hair and the fact I can now enjoy it without hiding behind it.
- I love that I give everything to people - even if they don't give anything back - because I know I put my heart into it and lost nothing. I will never be left with 'what if'.

It is a long old road to self-love, but once you're there you'll be so pleased you bought a one-way ticket. You have to be there for yourself - support your needs and nourish your thoughts with positive and uplifting behaviour. Take care of your damn self and do things you LOVE. Concerts, drawing, writing, walking, running or even just talking about how you feel. It all goes hand in hand when you want to make improvements to your life. And, in turn, yourself. 

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or feels about it because the cold reality is you can't trust anyone to have your best interests at heart. You have no idea what anyone is really thinking so you might as well pay attention to your own thoughts instead! Growth and gratitude is all you need. 

Don't ever let anyone question your worth again. I've let people make me wonder for years why I was never enough when I was in actual fact overqualified for what they wanted/needed. Nothing wrong with that. You can't expect everyone to always choose you. You have to choose yourself.

Choose yourself every time.

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