Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The Secret to Having it All is Knowing You Already Do

Gratitude will make you happier in life.

Shit happens. Life moves forward. We love and we lose. 

But we mustn't forget the little things in life that are, in fact, quite big in terms of joyous memories. I found gratitude at a time where I believed the world was against me, which is certainly a self-destroying mindset to be in. The world doesn't owe us a thing - in the grand scheme of it all, only we can provide ourselves with true happiness, we can not rely on others to make those changes for us.

I get it, sometimes life really can be terrible to us. I witness people go through such awful pain - yet, much to my surprise, still count their lucky stars no matter what is going on behind closed doors. I used to get pissed off at everything and anything, from locking my keys in my car to getting stuck in traffic. It is pointless and energy absorbing. I now laugh it off knowing I had a good day regardless, because I am alive and surrounded by love. We have little time to enjoy life and while small things seem less significant, they really are what makes us truly happy and grateful for our lives.

I love waking up to sunshine in the morning and witnessing every beautiful sunset Spring has to offer. I adore evenings at home, laughing about old times with my closest friends. I enjoy dancing like an idiot to music that no one else likes. Those moments are what you will remember on, to put it in the most morbid way possible, your death bed.

You won't sit and stir about the time a co-worker annoyed you or when you dropped and shattered your phone. Those are the distant thoughts you will wish you never wasted time on - it simply isn't worth it. Stop draining yourself, wondering why 'everyone is against you' or that the world isn't on your side - YOU are responsible for the way you look at the world. Be grateful you woke up today and experienced something a lot of people never will.

Today I am grateful for:

- My incredibly supportive friends. Honestly, I can't put in to words how much they look out for me. I feel so lucky.
- My strong, powerful family. The one thing in my life I will never stop feeling grateful for!
- The love I have found for myself and my life.
- My new healthy mindset and the way I look at the world now.
- Discovering new music.
- Meeting new people who are great and on the same wavelength as me.
- Living in my own home.
- Having the ability to reminisce the good times in the past without dwelling on the bad.

I feel good right now - you deserve to also. Wake up early and take in the best that nature has to offer - listen to the birds and feel the warmth of the morning sun on your skin. Drink water and nourish your body! Tell your loved ones you are thankful for them. Be honest about your feelings with people - try to see the good in it all. Otherwise, you aren't truly living. It all happens for a reason and you can make such small yet life changing movements to improve yourself and view on the world.

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