Sunday, 25 November 2018

Confidence is Key and You Can Fake it Till You Make it

You heard me, confidence is key to becoming your best self and you can fake it till you make it regardless of how impossible it may feel right now.

I used to walk down the street, struck with anxiety, with my head always down in shame. I hated the way I looked. I had gained two stone in a matter of months due to health issues which then turned into comfort eating to my heart's content. 

Self-hatred took over my life and I didn't even know who I was anymore. I didn't want to be seen in the local shopping centre let alone to go out and have fun with my friends. I didn't want anyone to see how disgusting I was. I HATED what I had become.

I remember my blog having an online presence at the time and I had written a blog called 'Yes, I have gotten fat.' and my heart hurts for that girl. She believed no one could love her the way she was. Her body was too big, her nose was an odd shape and she had far too much of an overpowering laugh.

I am still that girl today, yet somehow I look very different now. I am the same size and I laugh even louder now. But I love who I am. There is a glow that shows so powerfully in my photographs and I have a soul that shines when I smile. I am invincible, and nothing has changed besides my mindset.

These photographs are taken 6 months apart. The same dress, the same figure and the same girl. Different attitude. There is confidence in the girl I am today and I allow her to show it off because she deserves to feel love and happiness. She deserves to feel appreciated and to appreciate herself, just the way she is.

I'm not sure when I found my inner spirit, but I remember waking up one day after a break-up and feeling brand new. I didn't want to be a victim of my own misery anymore. I didn't need the validation of someone else to make me feel worthy - I could do it all on my own.

I often ask myself: 'Does this add any value to my life?' whenever I have negative thoughts and that is something that has changed me for the better.

Telling myself I am worthless and unlovable adds no value to my life. Thinking poorly of and judging others adds no value to my life. Looking in the mirror and finding something I love is a gift to treasure. Commenting on someones Instagram photo because I think they look beautiful, knowing they deserve to hear it, adds light to my life. 

Kindness costs nothing, cruelty will make you pay the price in guilt and insecurity. Life becomes what you expect, and you should expect the best - always! I am so grateful to everyone who has messaged me and told me I add positivity to their lives. Honestly, I simply cannot describe the feeling I get when reading them! I have found purpose in life and knowing I can support you with yours is the BEST gift of all.

I don't care for bitter people. They are not allowed in my life - In fact, I no longer attract them because I am vibrating on a much higher level and I do not mean that in regards to looks. My morals, spirit and attitude to life simply can't be competed with. I let myself win while not even playing the game. Get into that mindset and you can have everything.

Good things happen all the time if you look close enough; purchasing a bargain or driving home during the sunset are fucking awesome things you must appreciate if you want even better things to come. Drowning in negativity adds zero value to your life. You make your own happiness, it really is as simple as that.

Take bomb selfies, practise self-care and have fun with friends and family. Who cares what other people think? The bad people will say horrible things regardless, you might as well do as you please and enjoy yourself! I don't care if people think my positivity posts are annoying or that my constant Instagram updates are vain. I'm out here living my best life yet nothing is really happening at all, my power is making the best of basic, and having a positive outlook whatever the outcome is.

This is such a short post but I wanted to post something at least. Love yourself because you deserve it.

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  1. You deserve the world my Beautiful Niece! You’ve come so far and your confidence is glowing. Like you say enjoy life as you only get one shot at it. Love you Princess Shan xx