Wednesday, 12 September 2018

I am More Than a Selfie

From the outside looking in, or through the screen, you could assume I was nothing but a face. But I am more than a selfie. Click to read more.

From the outside looking in, or through the screen, you could assume I was nothing but a face. But I am more than a selfie.

Like I have mentioned in the past, I often worry about what people might think when I post one too many 'selfies,' in fear of looking vain.

The real truth? I am more than a selfie. I am more than what I portray myself as on Instagram, and that is my choice that I decide to make. Behind the screen, I am an intellectual. I enjoy in-depth conversation about subjects that most couldn't comprehend or won't give the time of day, (Y'know, conspiracy theories and all that dribble), I dedicate my time to campaigning for Mental Health, and I am in the process of writing my first novel. My photoshoots are nothing but a confidence boost and a way of encouraging others to love themselves.

There is more depth to me than what I share on social media. I don't care to try and impress people or prove my worth to a bunch of strangers. Some people don't deserve to know the ins and outs of your personality or life. Keep your quirks close and your skillset even closer. Nothing frustrates me more than someone talking down to me as if I don't understand their level of knowledge just because they've seen my posey pictures online and instantly stereotype.

I admit I take quite a thrill in my 'dumb cute girl' persona I'll put on from time to time when someone assumes that's my natural character. Because once someone thinks they know you and disregards your humanity, your secret intelligence can bite them in the arse. No one can take my self-worth away. No amount of belittling and judgement will ever stop me from speaking my truth.

We come from a generation of seeming strange if you spend little time on social media. You're a Catfish if there aren't many photographs of you to prove who you are, yet a few too many selfies can set you back as someone with minimal substance. What are we doing to ourselves and each other? Is it worth the negative energy? The drain of false perception? I'm tired. I don't wish to show concern for others believing I have nothing to offer because I don't want to provide them with anything in the first place. Those who are worthy will have gratitude for who you truly are on the inside.

For now, I shall continue to post as I wish. Whether I'm pouting in a bikini or taking a photograph of my shit dinner, it's none of your business unless you double tap to be quite honest. And even then, your compliment doesn't entitle false discernment. Instagram is not my full-time job; it's a mere hobby and a way of staying in touch with friends. You may know me on social media, but you won't ever know my way of life unless you're a part of it.

Never feel afraid to have fun and enjoy yourself as a person. Self-love, people!!


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