Thursday, 22 February 2018

At The End of The Tunnel, There is Light - Positive Thoughts Using Law of Attraction

It's true. Even in your darkest moments, you are on the right path. 

Something great is around the corner, even if you have no hope left for survival. I know it is difficult to wrap your head around when you are feeling low. It's tough to climb out of the mental health hole you fell into, whether it be a matter of hours ago or years. It sucks to feel down all the time, it really does, especially when you have no faith in yourself recovering.

But you can and you will. I don't want to sound like an 'It really works if you simply believe!' Spiritual hippie, but it honestly does. You have to trust that the universe works in crazy ways, no matter what life throws at you, you are heading in the right direction.

Have you ever felt so heartbroken over something, such as a breakup or you didn't get the job you thought you desperately wanted? Think about how you feel about those situations now. I bet you've seen the light and are relieved that you got rid of that arsehole ex of yours. You might have received an even more excellent job offer or a complete career change in general. You just have to trust the universe that you shall win if you keep a positive mindset.

Manifesting is the key to unlock the door to the law of attraction

I am so pleased everyone enjoyed my introduction to the law of attraction a few weeks ago! I realise it is going to take me quite some time to help you all fully get your head around the idea that you can ask the universe for whatever you fancy, but it's true!

We are ALWAYS manifesting, even if we are unsure of what that means. Each thought that passes our mind creates a force of energy that flows within and around us and our lives. This energy attracts its likeness. So, when you're at a low point, and you’re thinking, “Ugh, I feel crap right now” then your energy will attract even more crappy experiences. 

Thinking is seeing, seeing is believing, believing creates reality

Practise gratitude at any given moment. Appreciation allows us to release positive energy and see just how good things really are in our lives. Which, in turn, opens up our mind to possibility. If you are struggling to find your positive vibes and want to be happier, gratitude is an important step to take. 

For example, if you find yourself thinking negatively because you're low on money this month or a friend has annoyed you, take some time out to note at least a minimum of 10 things that make you feel grateful instead. It is so easy to lose yourself when you're stuck in a negative spiral but forcing your mind to appreciate the little things will keep you calm and collected.

After a tough few days this week, I made a note of my own little things that provided me with a bit of spirit:

  • I managed to find the energy to clean all FOURTY makeup brushes
  • I ate a delicious pizza with one of my closest friends on Tuesday
  • I practised great self-care which included a huge pamper session of tanning, face masks the full shebang. 
  • I found time to watch my favourite TV series.
  • I wrote this blog post!
  • I am looking forward to being a bridesmaid at the weekend.
  • I have kept busy at work, enjoying every task I completed.
  • I spend time with my sister.
  • I decided I am going to join the gym next week.
  • It's payday tomorrow!

Are you really, like REALLY listening to yourself?

Notice how no one else can hear your most profound thoughts? How you speak to yourself is vital. Humans are so guilty of focusing on the negatives rather than the positives in life. I am the worst for it! But now I know that instead of saying ''I wish I could lose weight faster!'' I know to rephrase that negative and say '' I am so pleased to finally live a healthy lifestyle, I am feeling good on the inside.'' Doesn't it sound so much sweeter? 

Change those phrases you find yourself saying every day, even if you only do it once. Make that new phrase the one you repeat every morning as you open your eyes. This is called an affirmation. You can think about them as much as you please, the more you say them to yourself the better! Remind yourself of them whenever you feel yourself slipping into misery mode.

It could be anything, are you going through a breakup and can't help thinking '' I want my partner back, how can they do this to me?! I just want to get back together.'' Change that phrase to ''It is perfectly healthy to miss someone, but I must focus on loving myself and what will be will be. Everything happens for a reason. I am on the right path.''

Self-care comes first

It is easy to become obsessed with the idea of perfect, we all strive to better ourselves in one way or another! But the universe doesn't like 'desperate'. Think about what you really desire and write it down as a list of goals. Believe in those goals and make those gradual steps to achieve them. You can't simply expect everything to work out just by dreaming, but it certainly does help kick start your 'happier' approach.

You must love yourself throughout the process. Take care of your body and soul! Practise self-care at every given opportunity. Whether it is a hot bath or just lighting a candle, to feel content with what is about to come, you must welcome it with light, open arms.

Visualise your future

What do you want more than anything in the world? Are you looking for a new work opportunity? Wanting to meet someone new? Put all of those desires in one place...a vision board. Pinterest is my favourite way to do this because it doesn't require much time or effort at all! If you prefer, you could cut and stick magazine clippings to a real-life notice board.

Include images that motivate you or inspire you to really believe in the dream you want to achieve. Take in every feeling that these pictures ignite inside of you. Images are so important. They allow us to visualise everything we want, right in front of us. Allow your vision board to boost your confidence. Add to it as you please and ensure you make it a daily ritual to look at it! You can also do this without a psychical board. Just close your eyes and try to imagine your dream coming true, focus on the details and the feeling that you would have if it were happening right there and then. 

Put it out into the universe and let go of all worry

This one is difficult, especially for me. I'm a class A worrier. All I do is over analyse and over think every situation that is handed to me. It really won't work in your favour. You must ask the universe for what you want and then continue to live life without obsessing over it. You might think that if you're not envisioning it won't come true, but your mind is more powerful than you think.

Manifestation surprisingly goes hand in hand with letting go. Law of attraction wants you to imagine exactly what you want as if it were happening on a daily basis, this is how you manifest it. But the universe also wants you to set it free. That doesn't mean you can never think of it again, you must think positively that it is going to work out for you, just don't OBSESS. Understand that you know what you have wished for and honestly believe that LOA will provide it for you when the time is right.

Despite how precise you are about what you want, you can't control the timing in which it comes. Free yourself of worry, the universe has a more significant plan than you do.

Key tips:

  • Live ''as if''. Live as though the reality is already yours and it exists. If you wish to lose weight, buy clothes that you would wear once you have your ideal figure. 
  • Spread positivity. Your gratitude list will help. Be smiley, laugh at silly jokes and give loving, kind compliments to those around you. Avoid anger or aggression as much as you can.
  • Kindness with no expectations. Practise random acts of kindness each day without expecting something in return. Spread positivity and shower strangers with sweetness. Try to do something kind at least once a day!
  • Declutter your life. Remove all forms of stress from your life. Bin things that no longer serve a purpose or provide you with happiness. Getting organised, even by tidying your house or decluttering your desktop of spam folders will push you in the right direction. Tidy life tidy mind. You are now free to live your life clutter-free and ready to welcome everything you could ever wish for. 
  • Most importantly, Let go. Trust the universe. Stop obsessing, your life is in the right hands. Let it go and dream with no worries.
Everything is at your fingertips! 

S x

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  1. I'm a huge believer in LOA but I really struggle to keep myself positive and upbeat. I'm going to try and add some of these habits into my daily routine and see how it goes!
    Can't wait to read more of this series.
    Saph xx