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How Law of Attraction Can Change Your Life - A Series

Law of Attraction CHANGED my life and now many of my friends too.

Law of Attraction CHANGED my life and now many of my friends too.

I have thought about writing this post for such a long time now, I just didn't know how to explain it - LOA comes with so many underlying factors that it would be impossible to mention them all in one post.

However, I just had to get this post out there! I've even pushed back a New Year post just so I could share this one. I haven't covered everything, barely even the groundwork, but this is definitely a subject I would love to continue posting about in the future.

Do you dream of having everything you could ever want? You can. 

With Law of Attraction, what you think, you become. You know what they say, 'bad things comes in threes' and all that. Do you ever find yourself falling into a downward spiral? One terrible thing happens and it all goes downhill from there? That's because you're telling the universe that is all you are worth.

Every second of the day we are unknowingly putting out certain vibes, wishes and thoughts into the universe, even the ones we wish to keep to ourselves.

What you feel, you attract

Whenever I have recommended law of attraction, its usually to a friend who is looking to get their ex back, or someone they love to love them back. That sounds odd I know. But boy does it work if the universe believes it should! LOA can help you in any aspect of your life but whatever the subject, what you feel, you attract. 

Are you feeling like nothing is ever going to work out for you, no matter what you do? It's probably because you're sending that vibe out into the universe. The Universe is a compelling thing, but it won't be able to tell the difference between whether it's something you feel or genuinely want. 

What you imagine, you create. You can't create 'happy'...

When you search the internet for LOA, most articles will make it seem as simple as asking the universe for what you want, wait, and then make sure you're super happy while its happening. However, as I mentioned before, whenever I have recommended LOA, it has been for people who are trying to overcome heartbreak, desperate for that familiar piece of happiness they knew so well.

With Law of Attraction, happiness MUST feel genuine. You need to give good vibes for your energy to feel real. It's tough because I know from personal experience that it can be terrifying to let true emotions show for fear of attracting the wrong energy. But this is a crucial part to play if you want the universe to answer your prayers.

If you feel like shit, allow yourself to feel shit. Cry, sob, scream at what is happening to you. Its totally okay. Push all of the negativity out into the open so you can let it go. Forcing happiness will only cause tension. Patience is important in the game of LOA.

You can manifest, but you can't control

I am guilty of practising poor manifestation. I want that control over people, I crave them to feel how I want them to feel but it just doesn't work like that unless they really do feel that way inside.

Ultimately, everything happens for a reason, and Law of Attraction is simply a way of coping until the right thing for you comes along. You can have everything you could ever want with LOA, but the universe will decide if it is something you truly need. The beauty is that you'll realise and appreciate this once it has happened.

With manifesting, comes free will. We all can choose how we want to live our lives and when we try to use LOA to control someone else we often find ourselves losing, even when it feels like we have manifested them back into our lives. Is this really something you want? The best way to use the universe to your advantage is to rely on it to better yourself. Once you work on your own life and what it is you would like to change to create the best possible version of yourself, everything else falls into place beautifully.

I could go on for days, months and years about Law of Attraction. It freaking works. I'm not one of those cliche LOA sites that claim you can change your life if you buy their overpriced e-book full of dribble. I am a walking example of how it can really improve your mental health and wellbeing!

Is LOA something you would enjoy learning more about? I am more than happy to write some posts on this. Whether it be tips and tricks, how to manifest love, money, happiness. Whatever it may be I would really like to write posts like this in the future.

Want to know more about how to manifest what you want? Tips on Manifesting is something I would love to write about.

You can expect these posts:

  • How to Maintain a Positive Mindset
  • Turning Negatives into Positives
  • 10 Simple Law of Attraction Tips
  • LOA To do List
  • Understanding the Law of Attraction for Beginners 
  • How to Manifest *insert example* 

Let me know! Believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it ;)

S x

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  1. Love this post Shannon! Very interesting subject, I've heard of the LOA but never knew all of this goes along with it, would love to know more! Please write all of those posts, would read them all! :D xx