Thursday, 30 November 2017

Amsterdam Blues

Since receiving my passport last year, Amsterdam has been one of many amazing places on my list to visit.

Since receiving my passport last year, Amsterdam has been one of many amazing places on my list to visit.

With its beautiful culture and stunning architecture, I couldn't wait to get on that plane and hit up some of the most exquisite tourist attractions Dam had to offer. When I say exquisite, I almost certainly mean the Sex Museum.

I really didn't know what I had gotten myself into. My friends and I had planned to visit on the first day we arrived in the city, and boy, was it an eye-opening experience! Basically, porn everywhere. We had a few giggles when we came across some very graphic imagery 'spread' across the walls...

The rest of our first day was spent doing *questionable* activities which resulted in two large pizzas and many sides to gorge on in the hotel room. Not our best moments I must admit! But fun nevertheless. 

Friday morning came, and I couldn't get my shit together. 

As all of you will know, Anne Frank was at the top of my list. After reading her diary last year, and spending many years immersing myself in Holocaust documentaries, I just had to truly experience the secret annex for myself. 

I was so ready to see the Anne Frank Huis. I couldn't wait any longer! Of course, despite my excitement, food is obviously important. We managed to fit in a quick trip to Mook Pancakes, and I have no regrets. What a trendy place to eat deliciously home cooked pancakes!

I had never felt such a mix of sorrow and disbelief when it was finally our turn to walk around the museum. It was exactly how I had imagined and seen in movie adaptions. But this was the real deal. Something I dreamed of seeing as a child was finally right in front of me, and I promised to take in every last detail. 

As to Mr Franks request, there was no furniture inside. 

The walls, however, were filled with original memorabilia, including Anne and Margo's height chart, original wallpaper and Annes famous posters of her favourite movie stars. Incredibly moving. 

If you are going to visit Amsterdam, I really recommend paying your respects. It's just something everyone had to see with their own eyes. This is history that can not go ignored, especially considering recent world events. Ahem, Donald Trump. 

Friday night was spent in the dingiest bar you ever did see. The Red Light Bar was of course situated on Amsterdams famous Red Light District. That was definitely something. I couldn't get my head around the fact men (probably ones with doting girlfriends at home) were actually willingly paying for 5 minute activities, but hey, it had to be done!

After many drinks, cigarettes (sorry mum) and witnessing my friend do the splits during a random dance-off, it was time to head home. And if I had realised how terribly I would smell of smoke the next day, well I wouldn't have danced the night away in a 'Smokers welcome' bar... Gross! 

I'm not going to lie, Saturday was certainly a nightmare.

Never go on a canal trip hungover! Despite us all having a small nap, it was definitely a fun, quirky way to see the city in all its glory. As we cured our hangovers with Mcdonalds, we headed back to the hotel for a nap. Our eyes couldn't take it any longer.

After a delicious carb filled dinner that evening, we met up with my friends younger sister who was also visiting and found the coolest glow in the dark crazy golf, hidden under what seemed to be an everyday pub! *Spoiler* I failed miserably at golf.

Sadly our last day came far too quickly for my liking, and before we knew it, we were rushing to get to the 'Iamsterdam' sign before our flight. Luckily we made it and even managed to waste our last remaining euros on souvenirs we didn't need. (Sweets in the shape of genitalia and socks with weed on them...)

Overall, Amsterdam was an incredible place that I was so pleased to tick off of my bucket list. The culture really is something. Bicycles replace cars, trams replace tubes, half of the male population are piggy pervs blowing kisses at you when they walk past and the other half ride bikes in their cute jackets and read great books in sweet little bookstores on the river. It. was. awesome. 

Have you visited Amsterdam before? If not, you must! Next stop... Italy ✈


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  1. Absolutely loved the post! Sounds like you lot had an amazing time in Amsterdam! Such a beautiful place I'd love to visit some day. Can't wait to read more of your travel posts! xx