Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Why a Bad Day Doesn't Have to Turn into a Bad Week

In light of World Mental Health Day, I'm here to let you know that a bad day doesn't always have to turn into a bad week!

In light of World Mental Health Day, I'm here to let you know that a bad day doesn't always have to turn into a bad week!

Now, I'm kind of the worst person to convince you of this. As soon as something affects me, whether it's something as silly as losing my car keys, it will change my mood for as long as my mind sees fit. It's exhausting.

Sometimes you can't help it. But you can embrace it. 

My counsellor taught me a fascinating way to get through a bad day/week more positively.

Imagine you had a stack of poker chips that represent each day. When you begin your day on a high, from the minute you open your eyes, you'll have a tall stack of chips to help you get through the day.

This means if something silly but frustrating were to happen, and the situation knocks a few poker chips away, it doesn't matter. You still have enough to get through the rest of the day positively.

If you begin your day in a low mood, you'll only have a few chips to start with. Meaning if you were to have a low moment, you'd lose all hope straight away and almost all of your chips would've disappeared.  

Start your day feeling positive, list all of the good things in life and what you look forward to that day. Find a positive no matter what. Nothing or no one can beat you down as easily if you have that poker chip mindset.

Practice makes perfect

I used to have the constant worry in my mind that if I actually admitted happiness, it would be taken away from me in a flash. I thought if I said ''I am happy'' out loud that something terrible would happen to jinx it. 

The truth is, bad things happen all the time. Most of the time you can't prevent any of them. But you can see them in a different light and embrace them. Recently, after many counselling sessions, I found the confidence to say that scary statement out loud. To honestly feel happiness and relish in it. Nothing could stop me anymore. Until...

So on the exact same day that I took the plunge, I managed to lock myself out of my car in a busy ASDA car park, phone, purse and keys on show. I was hungry, tired and just wanted to do my food shopping. 

Within minutes I just burst into tears with anxiety. I had no way of contacting anyone, (I don't know anyone's number by heart!) I couldn't leave my car because everything was practically begging to get robbed and I was desperate to get home.

The situation went on for hours, I ran to my aunties house which was luckily minutes away, and we tried everything. My mum arrived soon after, and it didn't occur to us to call my insurance company until 3 hours later. We were all running on low energy to be fair, so we certainly weren't thinking straight.

But anyway, I spend the entire time stressing, repeating that I shouldn't have said I was happy else this would never have happened. All of that negative energy did nothing for me, and what I realised was that yes it was inconvenient, but a positive was that I got to spend 5 hours with my mum and auntie which is rare these days. We had a great laugh, and it is now weirdly a memory I'll cherish. 

When I stepped back, took a breath and calmed down, I turned the situation into a positive. If this happened a year ago, before therapy, I would have continued the week on a downward spiral. Now, I can reflect on what happened and move on quickly. I can turn the stress and the panic into a life lesson. 

Now, if it ever happens again, I know exactly what to do without worrying or letting it affect my day.

Respond, but don't react.

Stop allowing silly things to get in your way. I know it's difficult, especially if you're already feeling low but remember those poker chips! Everything happens for a reason. Whether big or small, we can turn it into a life lesson. 

I've said it before, and I'll repeat it again. Mental Health is so important. Talking about it is essential. Together we can not only feel a little less lonely, but we can fight the stigma. 
Those who are unaware of the effects of mental health, educate yourselves. Understanding is key. Just because can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there. It can happen to ANYONE. If you're ignorant, you could end up feeling very lonely if it happens to you. 


This year I have realised I am apart of something big. I am changing the world and helping people live their lives to the greatest extent. And it feels incredible.

In the words of Keith Scott (One Tree Hill Lover...) It gets better. That pain in your stomach, that pain in your heart, it goes away. That voice in your head that's saying there's no way out, it's wrong. It gets better.

"Today you are you; that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."

Stop punishing yourself for your flaws and embrace them instead, You are human. Love and take care of your body and mind.



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