Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Self-Care in Autumn/Fall

Whether you suffer ill mental health or not, a bad day in autumn will not discriminate.

Whether you suffer ill mental health or not, a bad day in autumn will not discriminate.

Although it's my second favourite time of the year, (It certainly doesn't beat Winter's offering of Christmas and my birthday...) I find Autumn exhausting. From here on out, everything becomes busy. Our thoughts seem to focus on the busy winter ahead of us, and we appear to forget to look after what's most important.

With the return of cold weather and dark evenings, comes the need to take extra good care of ourselves.

Self-care is important all year round, but it's especially needed in Autumn. The drastic shift from the warm summer months (not so much this year!) takes its toll on our wellbeing. We must take the time to appreciate our body and mind.

Practising self-care doesn't need to be extravagant. From a warm bubble bath to a comforting home-cooked meal, looking after yourself is simple yet so effective.
In this post, I share all of my small yet productive tips for Self-Care in Autumn and all year round. Some can take place all in one evening!

Treat yo'self to a pamper session

Like I mentioned previously, a bubble bath does wonders for your mental health and wellbeing, especially in autumn! I love to use products from the Zoella range, and they certainly go hand in hand with a bath bomb from Lush. It's the perfect relaxation method before bed!

Weirdly enough, I love to go the extra mile when I'm attempting to relax. I'll make sure to exfoliate in the bath so I can pop on some Bondi Sands fake tan, pluck my eyebrows and I might even put on a hair mask. The more effort I make to present myself in a way where I feel most confident, the more relaxed I will feel. Odd, I know!

Healthy diet = Healthy mind

I know what you're thinking... diet? I wanted to relax not limit delicious comfort food!
Well, you're wrong there. Yep, you can still enjoy comfort food that's relatively healthy. You may have heard of My Fitness Pal, an app which counts your calories and macro's based on your current weight and height. You can use it to lose, maintain or even gain weight (lucky buggers!). You'd be surprised just how much and what you can eat in a day.

Don't be afraid of pasta. If you are clever with your carbs intake, you can enjoy a tasty, filling dish for dinner more than once a week and still maintain or lose weight. One of my current favourites is my 'Phili Sweetcorn Pasta Bake'. It's such a quick and easy recipe with minimal ingredients (You may see the recipe feature in 12 Days of Shanmas).

Exercise is important. Since purchasing a FitBit I love to challenge myself daily on how many steps I take. It tracks everything from your heart rate to how well you sleep at night. MFP and Fitbit even work together to track how many calories you burn that day. That way you have room for extra treats!

My current exercise routine is thanks to Charlotte Crosby. Her three minute belly blitz makes it super easy to maintain an enjoyable exercise that works just as well as a tiresome evening in the gym.

Water is vital. I aim to drink at least 3 litres a day to keep my energy levels high. The app 'Plant Nanny' is such a fun way to track your water intake. Each time you drink a glass of water, you can use it to 'feed' your plant on the app. Trust me, you'll drink so much more knowing your cute little friend gets the nutrients it needs.

Nothing a good movie can't fix

Films and TV shows are literally my passion. I love analysing how directors have used certain camera angles and shots to determine the mood of the show/movie. Or even cute little references to other films/books. It's just something I enjoy!

I am currently rewatching One Tree Hill for the tenth time as it gives me so many seasonal vibes. If you want to get in the mood for cosy autumn evenings, I recommend watching OTH or Gilmore Girls.

A sweet treat won't hurt. I love drinking hot chocolate in fall. On this particular night, I was watching Party of Five on Netflix with a delicious dairy milk hot choc! Yum. If you aren't a fan of hot drinks, actual sweets won't go amiss!

Organisation is key

Usually after binge-watching something on Netflix I like to unwind with a bit of added structure to my day. I know, tidying my room and planning future blog posts do not sound like relaxation! But for me, it helps relax my mind. The anxiety I feel when I think about when I'm going to complete a task or finding things in my messy room will soon disappear if I spend some time planning.

Seasonal blues can affect even the toughest of souls but there are steps to prevent it from beating you completely. Embrace the colder months with open arms! It's the only time we can use laziness as a valid excuse.

Remember to take care of yourselves. Relax. Rest. Breathe.


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