Friday, 21 July 2017

I'll Never Be Your 'Typical Girl'

Yes, I'm using that cliche 'I am not your typical girl' to read more!

Yes, I'm using that cliche 'I am not your typical girl' term... 

I get drunk. Blind drunk, to the point where peeing in a bush sounds like the best idea I've ever had. I love to literally stuff my face with bad food after a night out and sometimes even on an average day or evening. I might wear false nails, but the skin around them is constantly picked at. I draw over my brows like any other girl, but I certainly won't pluck them for a good few weeks.

I will always embrace my flaws.

While I am not the most gruesome, I will never hide away from certain topics of conversation just because it is deemed to be a 'guy thing'. If I need to let out a burp, I will, even in front of Zac Efron or Jamie Dornan. I would probably ask them to rate it out of ten afetr. 

I love makeup, the colour pink and lots and lots of glitter. I love strongly scented flowery perfumes and wearing floaty dresses, but I also enjoy wearing my Dads Harrington, ripped tights and last nights un-brushed hair.

I count calories, cry about my weight and refuse to accept compliments. I compare my life to rom-com's and John Hughes 80's films, but I know who I truly am deep down. I know that it is important to love yourself no matter what. 

I'm not ashamed of who I am. How I act and whether it's 'ladylike' enough. To put it politely I couldn't give less of a fuck. Both my male and female friends will get the same reaction or attention from me. Gender should never make you fear the way you act. Love should be real, they'll find out once you let your guard down anyway and if it's meant to be, they'll love you anyway.

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

I like to believe that's what makes me unique. My fearless attitude towards being myself. The truest version of me I could ever be. Nothing less, but perhaps more if I feel like it.

My skin is not always silky smooth and feminine, I can't be bothered to moisturise 24/7, I am not a Dove model. I have love handles, and a chicken nugget tattoo on my booty. What can you do other than accept yourself?

I will never look like a Victoria Secret model, I'm far too short, and I do not have 'Great Abs' on my CV. My skin is not glowing with angel dust, and my teeth won't blind you, but I do know that I will make you laugh just my laughing my own contagious laugh. Perhaps I'll get abs after all...

Yes, I'm using that cliche 'I am not your typical girl' term...

Anyway, after rambling on in what feels like my first blog post in forever, what I am trying to say is this:

Girls. Stop trying to achieve perfection when you are already wonderful. If you want to make changes to your body or face, do it, you own the right to make your own choices, but do it for YOU. Learn to use your amazing personality, none of us is that 'typical girl'. We are all unique individuals.

Guys. You are worthy and showing emotion is so important. Date someone because they make you laugh and can hold an intelligent conversation. Date someone who will make you feel great about yourself. 

Guys and Girls. Fucking LOVE yourselves. You are worthy of love and happiness. Life is not about who owns the most brands or how much hotter you are than someone else. Instagram is not real life. Your real life is waiting to be lived. Truly lived and enjoyed without the constant worry of scrutiny from strangers or peers. They are not your friends.

I'm going home to colour coordinate my underwear draw.

xoxo Gossip Gaaaal 

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  1. Slay girl, slay. Absolutely loved this post, so great to see the realness. It's so important to be an authentic person. Holly x |