Monday, 20 March 2017

International Happiness Day - It's The Little Things

International Happiness Day got me thinking...

Have I ever truly experienced happiness?

I like to think so. As humans, I believe we think happiness comes from the biggest, most spectacular moments, and everything in between is simply 'living'. 

I don't believe that at all.

Do you know what makes me happy?

  1. Fresh bed sheets
  2. A bowl of delicious fruit on a Spring day
  3. A hot bath on a Sunday evening
  4. Reading an interesting book in the sunshine
  5. 90's movies with feel-good endings
  6. Waking up and realising you still have a few hours sleep left
  7. Handwritten letters
  8. Pasta with creme fraiche, bacon and peas
  9. Watching old TV re-runs of my favourite TV Shows
  10. Finding new favourite TV Shows
  11. Knowing all the words to a song
  12. New PJs
  13. A tasty Chinese takeaway
  14. A day of great memories with friends - with lots of pictures to match
  15. The cosy feeling when you're in bed listening to a storm outside
  16. Laughing until your stomach hurts
  17. Smelling the scent of my favourite perfume
  18. Wearing glamorous makeup
  19. The drunken happy stage of a night out
  20. Complimenting others
  21. Wishing shop assistants a good day
  22. Tidy rooms
  23. Cute photographs with friends and loved ones
  24. Appreciation on blog posts
  25. Birthdays
  26. The feeling after exercise
  27. Watching sunsets
  28. The first BBQ of the year
  29. Smiling at strangers
  30. A tasty Toby Carvery
  31. Having control over your dream at night
  32. Daydreaming 
  33.  Indulging in other countries cultures
  34.  Fresh flowers 
  35.  Lighting candles
  36.  The smell of crisp winter air
  37.  Stationary so beautiful you refuse to write in it. 
  38.  The idea of serendipity
  39.  Trusting the universe to put me on the right path
  40. When the person you love, loves you back
  41.  When people laugh at your jokes
  42.  The first night in a beautiful hotel
  43.  The cold side of the pillow
  44.  The first sip of an ice cold drink
  45.  Productive Days
  46.  Long walks
  47.  Oreo milkshakes
  48.  Finding the perfect gift for a loved one
  49.  Looking up at the stars
  50.  Reading good, relatable quotes 

Find the beauty in the little things

We often take life for granted, sometimes without even realising it. I do every day. I take life for granted when I complain about a top I wanted to buy that is no longer in stock. When I whine that I am hungry despite knowing I'm going to have a delicious meal in a matter of hours. We become less appreciative by the minute. 

Accept your life for what it is. Weight doesn't matter. Looks don't matter. What's inside of us truly counts. Fall in love, celebrate fun with friends and enjoy the quiet times as well as the crazy ones. We are living. Be happy about that.

The truth is, it's the little things that make us happy. I'm entirely okay with that. Stop waiting for that massive change in your life to feel happy. I will no longer wait 'Until I've lost the weight' or 'Until I've had my hair done. I will be happy no matter what. 

It's the little things that make life big.

What makes you happy?

Happy International Happiness Day!


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