Thursday, 9 February 2017

10 Things The Depressed Want You To Know

10 Things People Suffering From Depression Want You To Know. Click to read more.

10 Things The Depressed Want You To Know

1. We can't just snap out of it

Don't you think we would if we could? I can't stand myself when I'm at a low point. I feel miserable and ungrateful, knowing I have a great life yet still feeling empty. I didn't choose this mentality, and I try so desperately to change it. 

2. We don't always have reason

A lot of it can be down to deeper issues in someone's life, but sometimes it is simply just that chemical imbalance. I hate that I don't have reason to feel this way, and that can make me feel even worse when someone says 'You have no reason to be unhappy.' Trust me, I know!

3. We don't mean to snap at you

When a lot is going on in someone's mind that some may not necessarily understand, there is a lot of anger that will brew in that person's mind. I snap all the time at friends and family because I physically can not control my thoughts or patience. I don't mean to, and I'm so sorry.

4. We have good days and bad

One day I could be singing from the rooftops, the next I won't get out of bed. You can't predict when it's going to happen and some may constantly suffer all the time. Don't think they're cured just because they have a smile on their face. It's a long battle. 

5. Don’t tip toe around us

I know I've pretty much told you the opposite in this post, but it's important to both be there for someone but not let them fall even further. Although you should be considerate, you should never feel as if you need to worship the ground they walk on to keep them happy.  Just be their friend, like you always have been, just like normal.

6. It is not defined as 'sadness.' 

Sadness is an emotional release. When you feel sad you let it all out, you are feeling something. Depression is a loss of emotion, the one thing that's supposed to make us human. Emotion. Nothing feels like it has the purpose anymore, and you become numb. Not sad. Empty.

7. Sometimes we want to be left alone

Don't think because we're down we need to be surrounded by love ones. In some cases, this could really help. However, there are some days where I'd sooner not speak a word to anyone, I don't even want to make a facial expression. We need our own space to deal with our issues from time to time, but we don't mean to push you away either!

8. Everyday life can be exhausting

As a regular person, I'm sure I look like the laziest girl in the world. I take naps daily, struggle to get dressed and present myself well, and I cancel plans often because I feel anxious or simply have no energy to pretend I'm happy. I couldn't think of anything better than putting on a nice dress, doing my hair and going out with my friends; It's not always that simple. 

9. Our Mind Takes Over

Sometimes our mind takes over. We can feel like a burden to our loved ones and often desire reassurance to stop the ongoing negative voices in our head. We know it's annoying and tiring. We are aware. Patience is key. 

10. We're trying our best

We truly are. I know it seems like we're a lost cause with no hope of recovery but depression can be beaten. Even if you feel it's impossible. You can get better. - We know it's hard work to put up with it, but we absolutely appreciate everything you do for us. 

Just because you can't understand something, doesn't mean its wrong. Try to keep an open mind, not just with depression but anything. If it's not your life, what's it to you if they're doing something you might not like? If it doesn't affect you, you shouldn't believe you have the right to demoralise it. If you want to help, just be there. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, please don't suffer in silence. Someone will always be there to listen and help you. Including me. I am open to responding to emails for anyone who simply needs a non-judgemental hand.

I'm here


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