Sunday, 27 November 2016

Gilmore Girls - COPPER BOOM! Those Final Four Words, & Coming Full Circle.

 I didn't know what to expect with the Gilmore Girls revival as I knew Amy Sherman-Palladino as a writer, and I know she would like to keep us on our toes.

After a decade of needing closure, it finally came and left, again.

'I don't like Mondays, but unfortunately, they come around eventually.'

I didn't know what to expect with the Gilmore Girls revival as I knew Amy Sherman-Palladino as a writer, and I know she would like to keep us on our toes.

'It was Friday night, I should've been out partying with the homies, but GG was calling my name.'

'Now I can be flexible, as long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I can be flexible.' I wasn't expecting Rory and Jess to walk down the aisle, and I certainly wasn't expecting everything to be the same after we'd left. But I still wasn't disappointed.

The opening scene made me feel all kinds of nostalgia. The voiceovers were the perfect touch to draw you back in. It made my heart feel all kinds of feels. 

My first concern, however, was Rory's new boyfriend, Paul.

When you connect with the show, it's hard to like Rory at this particular point. Heck, it's difficult to like Lorelai when she reacts so calmly to Rory cheating on her boyfriend of two years waaaay more than once. - especially after how she reacted to Dean-gate in season five.

But the fact it was made to be humorous was just god awful. This poor guy has wasted two years of his life here!

It proceeded to get worse when my favorite character (sarcasm at its finest) Logan arrived. If I didn't like him before, I certainly do not like him now. That relationship there is more than unhealthy. I can not describe the absolute astonishment when I try and get my head around it.

Then I realised, Logan is Rory's Christopher. The flashy suits, the money, the cars. It's what her grandparents wanted for her just like Lorelai's parents wanted for her. But it isn't what she needs.

I've always loved Jess. I am on team Jess no matter what. He may have been a bit of an arse back in the day but that boy was damaged, and he let everyone know it. He didn't hide from his problems; he recognised he had them, and that was way more than the Gilmore girls ever did.

'Oy with the poodles already.'

Rory is damaged as hell but pretends she's a saint. Poor Rory Gilmore cheated on another boyfriend again. She changed dramatically as soon as she went to Yale and she was no longer the sweet, innocent and baby face Rory I knew and loved. 

I love that Jess had come back on the show for two minutes and had already told Rory what's what, inspiring her to sort her life out without even trying. Logan had already had hours of screen time and was still the same old douche.

Jess inspires her. He is honest and tells her she needs to get her act together, but he does it lovingly and only because he cares about her. Logan is selfish, and it doesn't even phase him that she's his mistress while he cozies up to his so called fiancé in London.

I am so biased, and I don't even care. It all became apparent when I watched the heartbreaking 'window' scene between Jess and Rory. Just after he told Luke he's over her, you can see the pain in his eyes when he looks at her through the window. Just like Luke did whenever Lorelai said she had a new guy. 

Perhaps I felt more knowing they had a relationship in real life, which Milo (who plays Jess) may have those hidden uncovered feelings deep inside. Who knows? But his acting skills sure are good...

Despite not liking Logan, I do enjoy the life and death brigade scenes. Finn, especially, always made me laugh, so it was no disappointment that they had their part on the show, but it was disappointing that they had more screen time than Mrs. Kim herself! 

Christopher hasn't aged a bit and is still weirdly handsome; Emily is fabulous, and the relationship between her and Lorelai is slowly getting there. I love that she said bullshit three times in once scene! Hearing Emily Gilmore herself shout 'Tits' was the icing on the cake.

Paris was the same Gellar I had hoped to see. Her witty and unknowingly hilarious one-liners had made their comeback, and I couldn't be happier to see the bitch herself. That door kick was enough for me. It's upsetting about her and Doyle's split but knowing they spent the unseen time together happily married with kids was good enough.

Kirk was Kirk, again more than adequate... The rest of the town hadn't changed either, and it was such an easy watch. Sookie only having a small appearance was disheartening, but I'm glad Melissa Mccarthy came back regardless. Michel was still my favorite sass queen, and openly out and proud, bonus! There are so many supporting characters I love I could go on all day. 

I was never a Dean super fan, but him being Rory's first love struck a chord with me. He may have been a little obsessive at times, but we all know that's how you act when you're in love for the first time. Their short scene together made me blubber I'll admit, but I wasn't happy that you learned more about Deans back story in two minutes than Jess at all. But overall, the little cornstarch tribute made me smile. It's the most realistic and relatable relationship on the show. They've come full circle! 

The tribute to Richard was perfect. 

Every time he was mentioned it made my heart sink a little. Especially seeing a flashback of him in his study. I loved those little touches to the original show. 

Often when a TV show comes back, for example, full house and fuller house, I have noticed that they like to mirror the story from the first show on to the second. The way that the child, who has now grown into an adult is leading a similar life to their parent in the original. 

After hearing those last four words ( which may not be named), I've started to see a pattern. The show has come full circle. We see Rory, who is now the same age as Lorelai when the show began, in almost the same position as she was.

To me, after the short but sweet scenes between Jess and Rory, (undeniable chemistry) there's still hope for them becoming Luke and Lorelai 2.0!

Which reminds me, how adorable was the LL Wedding?! Those two truly are soulmates. I've always adored them together. I wish it had more screen time than the pointless fifteen minute musical.

All in all, I am excited for what's to come. This was a test, to see if the fans wanted more. I can say as an avid supporter (if you couldn't already tell by my obsessive analysis) that regardless of a few displeasures in the revival,

'I'm afraid once your heart gets involved it all comes out in moron'

I am so ready for more Gilmore Girls.

'So, it's a show? It's a lifestyle.'

I've been gilmored, again. 



  1. Love this post, I was too not disappointed by the revival and I think I was crying through all the seasons, even worse whenever Richard came into it. I'm re-watching all four now just to write a post on the revival :)

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! I was also a little disappointed we didn't see all of the characters celebrating together- like the last episode of Season 7, which made me sob. Which makes me think they have to make more, there is still so much life left in the characters (if you can call them characters- they're real to me.) X