Monday, 22 August 2016

Hi, Im Shannon and I am a Catfish.

I am all for sharing whatever you want on social media.

I am all for sharing whatever you want on social media. 

Everyone knows I love chicken nuggets, in fact, I 100% play on that fact about me. I will share memes, photos, and posts so people know it. Hey, I guess it saves ten people tagging me in it!

We are all guilty of portraying pretend aspects of our life on social media. Whether it be your aesthetic looking dinner, you actually thought tasted like dog shit, or the after work drinks you had ‘such a great time at’, we show people what we WANT them to see. It doesn’t make you a compulsive liar, but making our lives seem more exciting than they are is dangerously becoming the norm. 

Comparing ourselves to what others post on Instagram is far from healthy. For example, the girl who posted those beautiful flowers from her boyfriend, that doesn’t mean they’re the power couple you wish you were. He’s probably sent them to apologise for liking so and so’s cheeky selfie and drunk texting her last weekend!

Mentally punishing yourself for having lunch with a friend with no photographic evidence to prove it? You’ve caught the ‘Pics, or it didn’t happen.’ bug. But it’s not too late.

Realise that these people are only showing you what they want you to see

I’m holding my hands up - I’m guilty of living my life through Slumber coloured filters. By all means, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, as long as you know who you truly are deep down.

Would you blame me for posting a selfie where my makeup is fleeky, and I’m feeling myself? You shouldn’t do. Because in reality that selfie took me thirty tries, and I’m going to turn up to work the next day with zero makeup on at all. I’m a total catfish.

The truth is we all wish our online selves were our authentic selves, and we’re very good at pretending they are.

Social media has made it so easy to lead a double life. Of course, you’re not going to post something that makes you look bad, why on earth would you when you could post something that makes you look fucking awesome?

We all secretly want our friends and sometimes even family members thinking we’ve got our shit together. Whether that’s through posting a bikini pic or a picture of the expensive meal we ate at a restaurant that one time. (When in reality you’re eating leftovers and microwave meals for the other six days of the week.)  The times where you post a TBT of you and the gang having a great time on a night out, while sat in your pj's watching Netflix. It starts off harmless, but in reality, we are all catfishes to some extent. Now while I haven’t used an app to whiten the shit out of my teeth, I may as well have with the amount of time I spent trying to take the ‘perfect’ photo!

People have forgotten what real communication feels like. We text instead of call; we like someone’s post to let them know we care, hell, we even look for future relationships online instead of going out and meeting people. This is what life has become. We base our opinions on people by looking at their Instagram feed. Everything is digital and as much as I love social media, it breaks my heart a little.

We live by the mantra that we need to pretend we are having fun instead of having fun. We want our followers to think a certain way about us. We want to see how many likes and comments we can get. We live for how many notifications ping on our screens, you know, the ones that determine our likeability based on something superficial...

Tell more stories than the pictures you take

Post whatever you want to post. I’m not saying you need to limit yourself based on other people's opinions. If you want to post ten Instagram pictures in one day, do it! As I wrote this, I posted four pics in a row...ooops. But make sure you enjoy those moments before capturing them as ‘evidence’ that you had a good time. Live in the moment! You don’t need to share proof online to tell you that. Share it because you had a fab time, not because you want people to believe you did!


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  1. i love this post! It's so true what your saying, we deliberately pick what we put on and I guess we do have an online persona (sometimes). As you say as long as we know who we are. I think as a blogger we definitely portray our lives differently to people who don't blog - I pay more attention to what I put on my instagram whereas my Facebook because its personal, its more random and more me if that makes sense? Great post lovely!
    Beth | xx