Sunday, 3 July 2016

It's OK to have a bad day

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We all have them. Whether you're used to them or not, it's OK to feel down sometimes; don't let one bad day change all of the good progress you have made. 

Now, I'm certainly not the voice of reason. I have always let those bad feelings get the better of me! One sad thought and all of the good ones will go up in flames quicker than I can tell them to stop. 

It's that sort of feeling you've felt before, the one that drowns you no matter how quickly you try to swim back up to the surface. An ache in your heart will bring your entire body down with it, and you probably don't want to get out of bed let alone leave the house...

I know that feeling pretty damn well. Sometimes I could go weeks without experiencing it, and sometimes I can't get rid of it for months. But that's OK. I recognise the pain and know that it's OK, as long as I don't let it control me. For some that may be difficult, it still is for me even though I know it's all in my head. 

The mind is a powerful thing, but sometimes the devil likes to take over.

When I feel this way, I like to take some 'me' time. Whether I spend the evening pampering, (routine coming soon!), or I watch my favourite television series on Netflix, I like to spend the time doing something I know that will make me feel better.

For days like today, I'll spend my Sunday attempting to de-clutter my room for the fifth time that month. God knows why! I just know the organisation and cleanliness will calm me. 

De-stressing is key, anything you know that can make you feel better will help even in the littlest way. I'm not saying listening to what I have to say will help you in any way, I'm not the voice of reason or role model for mental health. Trust me; when I have a bad day it is the worst day. I am contradicting myself when I say 'try to feel better.' I for one can't stand it when people say things like that!

One thing that I don't recommend is being alone. Loneliness will only allow your mind to over think the situation. I'm someone that hides away from the outside world when I feel down, but I know 100% it will cause worse heartbreak. 

Looking for happiness in someone else will only bury the problem for the short term. You need to find happiness in yourself before you even think of sharing your happiness with someone else...

Invest time in yourself and be selfish once in a while! Read a book, light some candles and listen to your favourite music. I promise you it'll lift your mood even slightly.

Smile and remind yourself that you deserve to be happy.



  1. I think it's good these days that people like you are blogging about things like this. I have suffered from mental health problems twice in the past, once brought as I was mentally abused as a child, the second as I was mentally abused in a similar way as an adult as I hadn't learnt to deal with the problems the first time round. It's great to bring awareness to this subject so people don't feel like they are the only one xoxo

  2. Amazing thanks for the feedback :) Lets not keep quiet any longer. Hope you're okay now! sometimes it can come back to bite you but that doesn't mean you should let it ;) have a great day xxx