Tuesday, 12 July 2016

10 Beauty Hacks That Actually Work

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I am always reading up on the latest beauty hacks, but the truth is, most of them are utter rubbish. Here are my top 10 beauty hacks that actually work!

I am always reading up on the latest beauty hacks, but the truth is, most of them are utter rubbish. Here are my top 10 beauty hacks that actually work!

Rosey skin

Get your hands on rose water, and spray it on your face after moisturising and before applying makeup. It's the ultimate primer!

Male moisturising?!

This is a trend that has driven everyone nuts this year. Can you use Nivea shave balm for men as a primer?! Yes, yes you can. It's a pretty damn good one at that. Because the consistency is sticky, it allows the foundation to sit beautifully on your face, preventing crusty or cakey looking makeup. Bonus: It lasts all day!

'Hairspray, my mama told me not to use it!'

I'm going to get stick for this one: Using Hairspray to set your makeup. I swear by it, no matter what anyone says it works perfectly for me. Rain or shine, my makeup is going nowhere! Just don't use too much; as long as you wash your face properly, it shouldn't end in tears. 

Grease is no longer the word

Try to avoid washing your hair every day; you'll lose the natural oils in your hair, and it will only become even greasier. I wash my hair every three to five days; it sounds gross, but no one believes me when they see how clean my hair looks!

To be able to get away with washing it every few days, you have to train your hair! Go a week without washing it and the routine will follow quickly. Sounds disgusting right? Well, dry shampoo is great, but it can be expensive... Pop some talc on your roots and throughout your hair, before you go to sleep, it'll soak up the grease overnight and in the morning you'll have fresh clean hair.

Kiss chaps goodbye

If you're anything like me, you'll know the pain and annoyance of having dry, chapped and sore lips. Once a week, I like to smother them in vaseline and take a clean spooly, softly scrubbing away any dead skin, leaving my lips smooth again!

Soak it up!

Vaseline is a godsend; you can also use it on your pulse points before spritzing on perfume, to ensure long lasting fragrance throughout the day, making the most of that expensive scent.

Tidy up with tape

I often receive compliments on how sharp my eye makeup is, and it is all down to tape. Applying micro-pore tape from the end of your eyebrow to the outer corner of your eye will help shape your eye makeup when applying eye shadow. That way, you can be as messy as you like and still end up with a perfect, slick finish.

I want to eat cake, not wear it. 

'I want to wear powder to keep my makeup in place, but I don't want it to look cakey.' It's a dilemma I always used to face before I found the perfect hack. There is nothing worse than cakey makeup. Dampen your beauty blender and use it to apply any powder, it helps soak up the product, preventing cake and leaving you with a flawless face.

Baking a cake

Don't get confused; we're not talking about baking cupcakes, we want to bake our face! When I've done my foundation and concealer, I like to set my face by applying a generous amount of translucent powder under my eyes, chin, nose, forehead, and jawline. Leave the powder to 'bake' for a few minutes, ( I like to do my eyebrows while I wait) and then gently sweep away the excess.

The perfect match

I always see people trying to match a foundation by applying it to their cheek, big mistake. I even witness store makeup artists doing this, and it drives me insane. If you want to find the perfect foundation colour, test it on your neck. Due to increased sun exposure and the odd breakout, your face is naturally a different colour to the rest of your body.

Carving concealer

Sleek, fleeky brows won't happen on their own. Carve them into shape by using a light amount of concealer around the brow. This goes the same for lips, lip liner is a saviour but doesn't always stop lipstick from bleeding. Use concealer around the edges of your lips to tidy any smudges; it'll also give you a perfect pout!

Melt your make-up

I am an avid liquid or gel eyeliner lover. Pencils just won't do it for me! If you're the same, place a lighter just below the pencil for a few seconds, enough so its slightly melted, and voila! Gel liner. 

Now that you know my top ten beauty hacks (that ACTUALLY work) go and try them out for yourself!


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